On 22nd March 2020, federal and state governments announced restrictions on “non-essential services” due to ongoing Covid-19 coronavirus spread. The government announcements may have raised some questions as to whether or not Australians can still hire tradies to do jobs around the house.

We wanted to provide some facts to answer any potential questions you have about Covid-19:

The government restrictions are designed to limit large congregations in public.

The restrictions do NOT apply to the hiring of tradies for your home. The federal and state governments have been very clear about what type of businesses will be shut down. Hiring tradies to do work around the house is not among the types of activities that are currently impacted or restricted.

In many ways, continuing to hire tradies for any jobs you need doing around the home means you are also supporting local business during these tough times. By acting with common sense and compassion, we can limit both the impact coronavirus has on our own lives as well as the lives of others.

We want to assure our clients that we are keeping our interactions as safely as possible and in line with the latest government guidelines.

– Washing our hands regularly;
– Hand sanitising our hands before and after a job;
– Avoiding shaking hands with customers, suppliers and other tradies – and remaining a safe distance away at all times as per latest ‘social distance’ guidelines;
– Accepting payments by credit card and direct debit to avoid handling cash;
– Ensure tools are kept clean. Wipe them down regularly with a disinfectant cloth;
– Staying home if any member of our family is unwell and reschedule the job;
– Asking in advance our clients if is someone in their home are unwell or might be contagious;

While none of us can be sure how things will pan out, we’re committed to helping keep our clients safe, functioning and comfortable.

Thank you all for supporting our local family business

Take care and stay safe.

Aaron & Maria Fisher