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Having a gas compliance certificate is proof that you have had your gas installation carried out by a qualified and licensed professional. They will survey your entire system and check all appliances to make sure they meet the required safety standards.

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What is a gas fitting and compliance certificate?

A gas compliance certificate acts as a proof that your gas has been installed by a licensed gas fitter. He/she thoroughly surveys your entire gas supply system and checks appliances to assure that everything meets the requisite safety standards.

They will also conduct a pressure test on the gas service to ensure there is no leaks and that the regulator is set correctly. They then issue a gas compliance certificate that states that your household is officially gas compliant.

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When do you need a gas compliance certificate?

You are required to request a gas certificate when:

You will be enabled to pass on the full water consumption charges only if the following criteria are met:

  • Gas is connected to your building for the first time.
  • Gas is re-connected to your building.
  • A new gas pipe is installed (like a gas bayonet for a BBQ)
  • A new gas appliance is installed (like a hot water system, stove, cooktop, fireplace, etc).
  • An existing gas appliance is replaced

Gas Fitting and Certification services:

No matter what your gas installation needs, fully qualified and licensed Eco Earth Plumbers will take care of it. We provide gas compliance certification and fitting services for the following:

  • Gas Cooktops
  • Gas Ovens
  • Gas Stoves
  • Gas Fireplace
  • Gas Hot Water System
  • Gas Barbecues
  • Gas Heater
  • Gas Bayonet
Hot water repair and upgrades
We also take care of:
  • Gas Leak Repairs
  • Gas Appliance Installation

What do you do with the Gas Certificate?

After a successful audit, you will get both a gas compliance certificate and a plate. The plate will usually be fitted on the inside of your electrical meter box. You will be needed to submit a copy of the certificate to your gas supplier to confirm that you are official gas compliant. This is required for them before they can legally supply gas cylinders to your property.

Whether you need a new gas compliance certification, want gas appliances installed, leaks fixed or equipment repaired – the experienced professionals at Eco Earth Plumbing are an excellent choice to serve your needs.

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