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How To Start A Plumbing Business in Sunshine Coast?

Starting a plumbing business in Sunshine Coast or anywhere else in Australia is a major undertaking that must be done with intelligent planning. If you have been in the business for a long time, you must already be knowing this full well. The invaluable experience that comes with working at reputed plumbing companies and providing professional plumbing services is essential when you are looking to open a plumbing business that provides expert plumbing facilities.

Before entering the plumbing industry especially starting a plumbing business in Sunshine Coast as a business owner, you must be very clear about what sort of a plumbing company do you want yours to be – do you want to specialize in providing emergency plumbing service, 24-hour plumbing service or both 24 hour emergency plumbing? Whether you are looking to provide normal residential plumbing, on call plumbing, after hours plumbing or plumbing maintenance and construction, you must be willing to invest the requisite time and resources.

plumbing business in Sunshine Coast

The initial investment of a plumbing business in Sunshine Coast can be anywhere between $20,000 to $70,000 – depending on the required tools and field you specialise in. Quality plumbing businesses can have high overheads, depending on the field they work in and the amount of staff employed. They are also legally required to be fully insured and have all licenses completely up to date.

A plumbing business is required to constantly submit forms to the council and the local government in relation to all the works they conduct. Since this is a specialised trade, it is subject to inspection and can have an audit issued at any time. All plumbing quotes and services by both plumbing professionals and plumbing masters should be well documented at all times.

Most plumbing businesses supply their workers with uniforms, smartphones, tablets, and vehicles to be able to conduct their required business needs to dispense the best plumbing services they can. Depending on how the business is structured, most will be required to pay their worker’s insurances, superannuation, holiday pay and penalty rates for weekend work or after hours service. Generally, they will also supply a petrol card and tag to be used with the company vehicle. Specialised tools and equipment are all supplied by the plumbing business including full Personal Protective Equipment. All the electrical tools must be tested and tagged every 3 months.

Just like starting any large scale venture, moving from independent servicing to opening a plumbing business will need prior expertise and persistent diligence. However, training and employing capable plumbers and providing top-notch plumbing services can be very rewarding, especially when you’ve always had your own ideas about how to improve upon the field, and want to leave a lasting legacy behind.


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