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How to Unblock a Drain

How To Unblock A Drain? This article talks about it in detail. Blocked drains can be a real pain in the back side. A drain pipe can get clogged gradually, or all of a sudden, spreading unpleasantness all across your property. The water starts to pool around your feet in the bathroom, or the utensils start to drown in dirty water in the kitchen sink. And the worst is having to bear through the strange, disgusting odours.

Whether you have blocked drains, Sunshine Coast or elsewhere, it is not a problem you can wait out. If you don’t deal with it quickly, you might face a much bigger problem of a burst pipe or flooded rooms. It becomes an additional headache to find a drain plunger if you don’t already have one or some drain cleaner. At times like these, you find yourself wishing that your sewer drainage was as big and thorough as storm water drains. Or even that you were an expert in shower drain and sewerage plumbing yourself.

And it doesn’t always look like a major plumbing and drainage problem either, and it probably isn’t. But if manually removing the excess hair and gunk built up at the surface or inside the drainage system. Even using some strong drain cleaning plumber liquid or even a plunger doesn’t help, you are either forced to improvise or call for a professional drainage specialist. 

So we have compiled a simple, quick, and effective list of household fixes for you so which you can use on How To Unblock A Drain:

Simple Steps on How To Unblock A Drain

How To Unblock A Drain

  1. Bent Wire Hanger – Very simple and equally effective. Take your regular coat hanger, straighten it, and then bend one end over to create a small hook. Unchain your drain cover and go fishing. Remember to pull the gunk out and not push it further back in. After you’ve done the deed to your satisfaction, run some hot water through and get a clean drain good as new.
  2. Vinegar + Baking Soda – Concoct 1/3rd + 1/3rd of each in a normal-sized cup. Keep the drain unclogged beforehand to pour it down immediately as it starts to fizz pretty quickly. It is what it helps clear up all the gunk and grime built up in the pipe. Let it sit for at least an hour or overnight for maximum results and finally wash with hot water to get a buttery smooth drainage.
  3. The Mighty Wet Vacuum – The hero to the gunk villains of blocked drains. Get one of these once and never have to worry about manually unclogging nasty drains again. Cover up and seal the vent thoroughly from the sides before you shove the mighty machine in, and don’t forget to change its setting to “vacuum liquids”. The gunk and goo will settle in the bag which you just throw out and forever say bye-bye to.
  4. Boiling Water – Hands down the easiest method on the list. Crank up the gas and heat as much water as a normal-sized kettle can hold. Pour it nice and slow down your blocked drain in periods, letting the boiled water work its magic. Do this every few seconds for a couple of minutes. If by the end you have enough water left for a cup, sip on some tea while you see the water trickle effortlessly through your newly unblocked drain pipe.
  5. Drain Clearing Equipment – Go for a drive to your local Plumbing supplies, such as ReeceTradelink, and Samios, and purchase yourself a decent Plunger. Suppliers are always willing to help you out or if need be refer the right plumbing business for the job. You could even take a trip down to “good old” Bunnings and see what they have to offer. Either way, you can't expect to clear a drain with inferior equipment.

All these methods may work or assist with your blocked drains.