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Your Local Sunshine Coast Hot Water System Specialist

There's good reason that Eco Earth Plumbing are the best hot water system supply and installer on the Sunshine Coast!

We specialise in all aspects of installation, repair and replacement of hot water systems throughout the Sunshine Coast and surrounding areas. We offer a wide variety of hot water systems to suit all budgets, from solar hot water, electric hot water, instant and heat pump systems to gas hot water systems.

We provide expert hot water services and advice, so whether it's a new hot water installation, repairing a faulty hot water system or replacement of an old system, you can rely on our plumbers to get the job done right for you every time!


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Hot water Systems

Thermann Electric Hot Water System

Electric Hot Water Systems

We supply and install both instantaneous electric hot water systems, as well as electric hot water storage tanks from a wide range of leading brands.

Give us a call and let us help you figure out your needs, so we can determine the most cost efficient solution for your hot water requirements that will serve you well for years to come.

Thermann Solar Hot Water System

Solar Hot Water Systems

Solar water heaters are an unparalleled investment if you live in an area that gets a lot of sun and are looking to replace an inefficient water heater.

Eco Earth’s team are professionals at repairing and installing solar heating systems that not only make your electricity bill insignificant, but also help reduce greenhouse gas emissions. (Government rebates)

Gas Hot Water Systems

We service and install a wide range of gas hot water systems including instantaneous flow and storage tanks from all leading brands.

We can help you figure out whether a gas or electric hot water system is more tailored for you, and set it up completely for a great experience that uses resources efficiently and cuts down on your bills.

Instant Hot Water Systems

The modern instantaneous hot water systems have eliminated the hassle of having to wait for the water to heat up again after someone has used up all the hot water before you.

Completely tankless, these continuous flow systems not only provide you with an unlimited supply of hot water, but also save you money on both purchase costs and energy loss. You only pay for what you use, perfect for holiday houses and reducing your bills.

Available for LPG, natural gas, and three-phase electric, we can have a system installed in your home in no time at all, and highly recommend you to do so.

Heat Pump Hot Water Systems

Heat pump hot water  system tank

Most Australians think that electric and gas water heaters are the only viable solution, but just like a solar hot water system, a heat pump hot water system is another extremely efficient and eco-friendly way for a continuous hot water supply.

A heat pump hot water system extracts heat from ambient air and quietly transfers it to heat up the water in the tank. We are highly skilled with installation, repair & servicing heat pump systems. We can help you determine whether it might be the perfect choice for you and just like solar significantly reduce your electricity bill. (Government rebates).

Replacing Hot Water Systems

Having your hot water system functioning properly is just so important. It can be frustrating to come home after a hard day’s work to have cold water compound your stress instead of washing it away.

Whether you have an old and failing heating system that needs replacement or one that requires servicing, it is important to choose plumbing professionals that get the job done right.

Hot Water System Repairs

If you're experiencing any issues with your hot water system, Eco Earth Plumbing are on hand to take care of the hot water repairs for you. Hot water system repairs should never be left too long, as the issue could worsen. Our technicians are highly experienced when it comes to hot water repairs, ensuring the job is fixed quickly and reliably. 

We provide an efficient, professional service to ensure your hot water system is running to its peak performance again. Don't hesitate to get in contact with us if you're in need of hot water system repairs.

Hot Water Servicing

If you’re looking for reliable maintenance service for your hot water system on the Sunshine Coast, we offer servicing for all brands and models of hot water systems.

Our team of experienced plumbers provide maintenance services for your hot water system, ensuring that it’s running at maximum efficiency and providing your household with hot water on demand.

Hot Water Installation

Our team of highly skilled and experienced hot water installers can install any type of hot water system from all the leading brands on the market, so you can count on us to provide you with the perfect solution tailored to suit your hot water needs.

Our hot water specialists can help find the energy efficient system best suited to your needs, whether it's instant hot water or a storage water heater, an electric hot water system or gas, solar hot water or heat pump from all leading brands.

Contact us today and experience our fast, reliable, and cost-effective hot water installation services Sunshine Coast!

Hot Water System Brands

We are experienced with all major brands of hot water systems, including:

  • Rheem Hot Water Systems
  • Rinnai Hot Water Systems
  • Vulcan Hot Water Systems
  • Dux Hot Water Systems
  • Bosch Hot Water Systems
  • Thermann Hot Water
  • Chromagen Hot Water
  • Zip Hot Water Systems
  • Steibel Eltron Hot Water

No matter what your hot water needs are, we will not only help you figure out what heating systems are the best for your needs and budget, but we also provide 24-hour service and repairs across an exemplary range of hot water systems, whenever you need.

Prompt Professional Hot Water Plumbers Sunshine Coast

Talk to our friendly hot water plumbing team about our fast, efficient and eco friendly hot water system services across the Sunshine Coast on 0404 023 023 or complete our online enquiry form.

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