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Solar and heat pump heating systems are two of the most popular types of hybrid hot water systems. They are both especially viable solutions for all your hot water needs if you live in a warmer part of the country that gets plenty of sunlight. 

Our expert hot water installers specialise in eco-friendly solutions, so give us a call today and start saving on your energy bills with heat pump or solar hot water systems!


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Solar & Heat Pump Hot Water – Sunshine Coast Green Heating Experts

Hybrid hot water systems are becoming increasingly more prevalent in Australia. It is an especially viable solution for all your hot water needs if you live in warmer parts of the country that get plenty of sunlight. 

Solar and heat pump heating systems are two of the most popular types of hybrid hot water systems. While solar and heat pump heating systems arguably cost the most to buy and install, the high upfront cost is quickly recovered through the very low energy bills you’ll have over its long life span.

The single biggest advantage apart from cost saving of a hybrid hot water system is the almost negligible gas emissions. With the exception of cars, heating water is the biggest source of greenhouse gas emissions in an average Australian household. 

This is why the QLD government is heavily encouraging households and communities to switch to solar hot water systems by providing generous solar hot water rebates and subsidies (another big plus).

Eco Earth Plumbing, a team of plumbing professionals with expertise in green heating, specialise in recommending and installing heat pump and solar hot water products that are best suited for you.

Types of Hybrid Hot Water Systems

There are two types of Hybrid hot water systems that use the sun’s renewable heat source to give you piping hot water:

Heat Pump

Rheem MPi-325 Series II Heat Pump Hot Water Systm
  • Uses energy from surrounding air
  • Liquifies refrigerant through a compressor, that heats your water
  • Not as easy to install
  • Lasts shorter than solar water heaters
  • More efficient

Solar Hot Water

Rheem Solar Hot Water System - Premier Hiline 300L
  • Uses energy from direct sunlight
  • Stores solar heat through flat solar panels, that heat your water
  • Easier to install
  • Lasts longer than heat pump water heaters
  • Less efficient

Solar & Heat Pump Hot Water Services We Provide


We perform complete solar & heat pump hot water installation for new and existing homes. Ready to save big on that electricity bill?


All hot water systems must be serviced every 5 years to maintain max efficiency and a prolonged life. Let us know & we’ll ensure that you never get an unexpected cold shower.


Hot water not so hot anymore? Running out of hot water quicker than usual? Give us a ring and we’ll repair it for a fraction of the cost of a new system.

Installing a solar hot water or heat pump appliance will not only lessen your family’s environmental impact by reducing carbon emissions, but also save you a lot of money in the long run!

Heat Pump & Solar Hot Water System Specialists Sunshine Coast

Contact Eco Earth Plumbers today and make your water heating better and greener!

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