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While it may seem like a simple task, fixture installation is actually quite a complex process.  Even the smallest projects can take hours for someone who has never done it before. 

There are many different things to consider in order to ensure that you are installing your fixture properly, and that it will function as expected upon completion. 

Eco Earth Plumbers have the tools, skills and knowledge needed to get the job done right!


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Fixture Replacement or Overhaul

Whether you’re in need of a specific fixture replacement, or seeking a renovation for a complete overhaul of your bathroom, kitchen or laundry – the first important step is to figure out what kind of fixtures would be best suited for what you have in mind. The second step then is to get them installed correctly so that they function well for years to come.

While DIYers can easily perform a basic tap replacement or showerhead change, it is recommended that you do not indulge in more responsible installation jobs like replacing a kitchen sink or toilet.

With years of expertise in installing a vast range of fixtures complex or simple, big or small, Eco Earth Plumbing are experienced plumbing professionals that will always get the job done right for you and so that your manufactures warranty is not at jeopardy.

Our Fixture Installation Services

We both install and supply a wide range of fixtures. For you, we can:

  • Install vanities
  • Install sinks
  • Install taps
  • Install mixers
  • Install toilets
  • Install bidets
  • Install showers
  • Install baths
  • Install urinals
  • Install basins
  • Install kitchen sinks
  • Install laundry tubs
  • Install hot water systems
  • Install tempering valves
  • Install backflow devices
  • Install channel drains
  • Install storm water pits

So give us a ring if you desire skilled plumbing and impeccable service for all your fixture installation needs!

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Talk to our friendly team about our fast, efficient and eco-friendly fixture installation services across the Sunshine Coast on 0404 023 023 or complete our online enquiry form.